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Holy Cow what a difference.I never thought that I could walk both of my dogs at once safely.I had a bad accident when my dogs decided to go around me.The leashes got wrapped around my legs and I fell hard to the ground.With the DoggStarr leash that canít get behind me and they also canít get tangled.Love This Leash!

Rich Stouffer
Chicago, IL

†We used to walk our dogs separately as we did not have a good method to walk all three at once.We tried the couplers; even rigged something on our own.It wasnít until we found the DoggStarr leash that we truly believed that we found our solution.We love our leash and all our friends with more than one dog now own one too.

Tom and Katie Richardson
Denver, CO

†I used to walk my dogs with the retractable leashes.One day we ran into some other dogs and a fight began.I did not have control over my dogs as the retractables are so flimsy.It was then that I decided to get a better leash.I found DoggStarr and bought their leash to walk both of my dogs and have been happy ever since.Everyone with more than one dog should own this leash!

Tina Johnson
San Diego, CA

†I looked all over the place for a leash that could walk all of my four dogs.I tried everything as I searched for a solution.I was so happy when I ordered this leash.It not only allowed me to walk all my dogs at once, but do it in a manner that I felt safe.

Tim Mitchell
Austin, TX

I want to thank for helping me with a dog leash problem. I had scoured the internet for an "acceptable" 3 dog leash. The purchase I did make was a disaster! My dogs got tangled! Jeff helped me customize the perfect 3 dog leash! He sent me several leashes to make sure the leash was perfect for me!

Thank You!

Holly Hanes
Oceanside, CA

The leash is strong enough to handle 4, 50-60 pound dogs at one time and is much easier to deal with than multiple leashes. The multicolored leads are easy to unhook when necessary and the lengths are perfect. Walking my dogs has become a pleasure again. Thank you.

Denise Bailey
Savannah, GA

I was just about giving up on being able to walk 4 dogs at once....when at last I found your website.

Finally a smart, well made design. I think my dogs are as happy as I am! Going for a walk each evening is fun again.

Thank you.

Trish L.

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