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High Quality Multiple Dog
Leashes for Dogs of All Sizes.

Being the owner of two St. Bernard's I found that walking them with two leashes was a hassle and also did not provide me the necessary control over both dogs.† So I created and manufacture a patent pending multiple dog leash that would allow me to walk both dogs without the problem of struggling with two leashes.†††

Just think of the money that you have spent on all the leashes you have bought in the past.† None of those leashes have the quality nor gives the control over you dogs like the Doggstarr multiple dog leash.† Just†imagine how your walks would†be if you had all your dogs on one leash.† Dog owners who have multiple dogs find that this leash is a necessity for safe and easy walking.† Please read the testimonials of those dog owners who already have my leash and how this transformed their ability to walk their dogs.

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Features and Benefits of the DoggStarr Multiple Dog Leash


  • High Strength Poly Cord
  • Removable Leads
  • Multi Colored Leads for Identifying What Dog is on What Lead
  • Leashes Can Withstand 500 lbs. of Pressure


  • Allows†for Complete Control Over All Your Dogs
  • Leads Allow For Independent Movement For Each†Dog
  • 5 Year†Warranty†

You will find our three models prefect for whatever kind of dogs you own.

Each leash comes with a blue handle and a red and green lead.†


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† †

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Additional Leash Leads - Blue
Additional Leash Leads - Red
Additional Leash Leads - Green
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Port-A-Poo - Black $9.99
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